Hey Babes,

Do you wanna know what I love so much about fashion? The versatility. Especially for women, we have the ability to be more gender neutral in our clothing choices. For me, mixing femnine and masculine pieces is my go to (as I’ve said a million times, I know). For some reason doing that particular combo makes me feel very sexy, and confident, even when I’m not wearing very sexy pieces in particular. That’s what fashion and this blog is all about, wearing what makes you feel good.

Something I think needs to change and hopefully will is the mens’ side of fashion. I was just watching this piece on GQ’s YouTube page with A$AP Rocky talking about how there is this perception of men how they are perceived by the way they dress. He goes on to say there are no boundaries in fashion for men either. This is something that I feel needs to be pushed even further because fashion is about expressing yourself, and you can’t do that locked in a box made from society’s standards. 

This makes me think of when I really started to branch out in my style, (right around the end of high school, beginning of college) and I remember just pushing my comfort levels in fashion and forcing myself to try new things. I Experimented with what I did and didn’t like on me. I also remember being so worried that I wasn’t dressing feminine enough as a woman. Nervous that boys would think my half girly, half tomboy style was weird (I can’t believe I cared what musty college boys thought about my style). Turns out I got even more props on my look! For me it was the way I felt when my amazingly supportive friends and sorority sisters would hype me up on the crazy combos I liked to wear made me over the moon. Hearing “only you could pull that off” from my girls is the best compliment inthe world. To me that compliment said, “That’s not my style, but I love it on you and you look amazing and have the confidence to wear it”. 

Fast Forward to this fashion class I had in college, I believe it was called fashion and human behavior or something, and I learned that women dress for each other psychologically, not the opposite sex. Isn’t that interesting? I mean it makes sense just think about it, men don’t understand our trends or even what matches really, and it’s vice versa for us and them. At that moment, I decided to dress how I wanted, nobody else. That’s a lesson I am constantly learning and re-learning.

New Series

I am going to be doing a “Boyish” series sharing outfits that I feel fabulous in, that are kind of inspired by men’s fashion. I’m going to be focusing on outfits that really draw in on how to still feel feminine and sexy while dressing “boyish”. I am so excited about this series and hope I inspire women reading this to really push themselves and and dress how you want. No matter your style, confidence is key!

The Outfit

This week’s outfit was heavily inspired by the 90s vintage wide leg trend but I also wanted to add a feminine and romantic vibe. This top from Shein, has these adorable flowy Dolman sleeves that are just amazing for summer! The light fabric was very comfortable and breathable (I’m a sweaty girl). Another thing about this top that I like aside from the ditsy floral print is the deep V , wrap neckline. It’s so romantic and very flattering, especially someone who has broad shoulders like myself because it draws the eye down. Finally, the platform shoes only added to the effortless tomboy vibe.

These baggy high waisted light wash denim is from amazon. These are very loved and they were very affordable. These pants are going to be a staple in my wardrobe no matter the season 

Top (L(8/10): Surplice Neck Dolman Sleeve Ditsy Floral Peplum Top | SHEIN USA

Jeans (L ): SOLY HUX Women’s Casual Denim Pants High Waisted Wide Leg Jeans Blue XS at Amazon Women’s Jeans store

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