Exploring Dark Academia Fashion

Sweater: Dry Goods, Denim: Amazon, Shoes: Steve Madden, Shirt: Fashion Nova I have been seeing so many Dark Academia Tik-Tokers on my feed lately and I just can’t stop thinking about the style, hence my church outfit last Sunday. The fashionista in me got the better in me and I started doing some digging. Normally… Read More Exploring Dark Academia Fashion

Sustainability: Thrifted Finds (Great for the Earth and your wallet)

Hey Babes, I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been feeling so guilty for shopping at places that aren’t sustainable or small businesses, but everything is just SOOO CUTE (and cheap). I’ve been scurrying trying to get ready for fall and this will definitely take some time over the next few months as I shop here and… Read More Sustainability: Thrifted Finds (Great for the Earth and your wallet)


Hey Babes, Do you wanna know what I love so much about fashion? The versatility. Especially for women, we have the ability to be more gender neutral in our clothing choices. For me, mixing femnine and masculine pieces is my go to (as I’ve said a million times, I know). For some reason doing that… Read More Boyish