Boyish (Look #2)

Hey guys,

Remember the other week when I was telling you all about how I’ve grown and learned self appreciation through my “boy-ish” style? Well, I wanted to share another example of another look that mixes masculine and femme together to provide the perfect look (for my style). This outfit right here has been a recent favorite. Now, somebody call Hailey Bieber, and tell her I’m coming for her oversized blazer fetish because I love how bold and masculine the blazer contrasts with the feminine shorts with their fun and flirty cow print (which I predicted to be a huge trend this summer). Along with this cute little slinky strappy bodysuit to finish everything off. Then of course the boots added a sexy flare without being too girly. 

This look is something I can alter to fit the cooler seasons but man let me tell you, I ADORE IT! You know that feeling you get when you have on an outfit that is just the perfect example of your style? That’s literally the best feeling ever….AND I MEAN EVERRRR!

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this look just as much as I did. The real secret to my style is just balancing and doing what I feel makes the most sense and looks the best. Below this post I am going to share some inspo pics from Pinterest of some ways you too can wear your blazer in a boyish way and still feel feminine. 

Outfit Details

Blazer (1x)- G-Soul Essentials (@gse_boutique)

Shorts (M or a Large)- G-Soul Essentials (@gse_boutique)

Bodysuit – (M) Forever 21

More outfit inspo!


Styled by Stacey-Jay

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