Sustainability: Thrifted Finds (Great for the Earth and your wallet)

Hey Babes,

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been feeling so guilty for shopping at places that aren’t sustainable or small businesses, but everything is just SOOO CUTE (and cheap). I’ve been scurrying trying to get ready for fall and this will definitely take some time over the next few months as I shop here and there. I try to get my fall/winter shopping done as early as possible so I can start saving up for Christmas even sooner.

Shopping ethically is so important but also sooo expensive at most places. So, I decided to do some vintage and thrift store shopping. I love being able to find cute and affordable sustainable pieces for my wardrobe. Thrifting has always seemed fun to me because it’s sort of like a treasure hunt and when you have scored really big, there’s this satisfaction from your purchases. I love the look on someone’s face when they compliment you on something that’s thrifted! I always try to preach you can look expensive on a budget.

I have been taking up sewing as a hobby, so I am so ready to transform some of the things I find with my new trusty sewing machine. I am really excited about my finds and can’t wait to share them with you guys in my latest YouTube video.

Outfit Details

Denim cropped shirt/ jacket: The Street Scene (local vintage store)

Shorts: @gseboutique on IG (local boutique)

Shoes: Converse

Bralette: Buckle



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