Fall Trends I’m Loving: midi skirts and animal prints

Hello lovelies,

This post is more about how I’m wearing my pieces instead of what I’m wearing. Two fall trends I’m really loving right now is the midi skirt and animal print trend. Midi skirts are not something I normally wear for some reason (but I will more now) but the ones I have are becoming a staple In my closet for sure! There are so many styles and shoe options with midi skirts as well! Feel free to experiment with what you have in your closet to find out what works best for you! As for animal print it has been a trend for a while but always a love and huge pattern in my personal closet. I looooove animal prints and although I’m sporting the classic cheetah print in this outfit some huge upcoming prints this season are: cow print (something I saw try to take off last season but picked up right when spring rolled around, and is now back for fall this season). Another is crocodile print, which makes sense building off of snake print.

**Remember blog posts are going to be on fridays for now on!**

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