My trip to California

Hello my lovelies ,

As you’ve probably seen on my instagram I went to Cali recently to get married to my long time best friend and fiancé Hayden. It’s been tricky to have this wedding during COVID, deployments, and 3 marine brothers. We were very lucky to have all of his siblings under one roof, that hasn’t happened in years due to being in the military so they boys were happy. Anywho, I (attempted) to give you guys a little recap of my trip and my fav things about certain places we went. I loved Cali and I’m moving there later this year, I’m so excited to start my life with my new husband and other half.

Where I ate

I didn’t document a whole bunch this trip but I for sure made note of this place, Hodads. They were super delish! It’s a burger joint right next to the beach. I loved the vibe of the place so much, it felt very beach bummy (In a good way).

Another restaurant in Oceanside we ate at was Swammis. It was nice to have multiple vegetarian options (I’m pescatarian meaning I don’t eat meat just seafood and eggs unlike vegetarians). It’s always a challenge finding meatless options when looking for places to eat with my hubby. I think my fav dish from here was definitely the stuffed strawberry French toast! Omg and the veggie chipotle burger was AMAZING, my husband tried it and even liked it. Almost couldn’t tell it was meatless and he’s not into a lot of my veggie stuff.

I’m addicted to strawberries and this shop on the street literally specializes in strawberry treats. I got the chocolate strawberries and Hayden got the strawberry cannoli and both were super delish! I loved everything plus that was my first time having a cannoli. It was a little pricey for the portions offered however it was pretty yummy. Something you should try at least once!

What I wore

For this portion I’m getting into too much detail since I wanna make separate blog posts about each outfit shown and individual links and everything there so keep Checking in every Wednesday on my blog and instagram for your fav outfits

The blue maxi-mustard seed

See my recent blog post on why you need a maxi dress in every wardrobe no matter your personal style.

Mask for safety first ….

The beach bum outfit

Midnight oversized tee- sold out (alternative listed)

I paired this oversized tee with some adidas spandex shorts and then my Robyn flip flops.

Beach babe outfit

Bathing suit details coming soon on blog post

A cute running around outfit

While wearing this we did some running around and newly wed errands like banking and filing paperwork. But since none of that is very fun, I could at least look stylish while doing it!

My wedding dress. Believe it or not my wedding dress was actually under $50. My mother in law (thank god for her) re did the whole top of my wedding dress. It easily became the dress of my dreams and I loved everything about it!

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