My Old Kentucky home: Taco Luchador (Louisville, KY)

Hey babes!

This summer on my blog while I am home staying with in laws during my husband’s deployment, I thought it would be cool to do a series about Kentucky. I’m always ready to blog about Cali and fun and cool places in San Diego, but I’ve never really shared much about my old Kentucky home! So make sure to follow along all summer and subscribe to Styled by Stacey-Jay because not only will there still be tons of fashion Inspo, but a little more lifestyle content.

This restaurant is called Taco Luchador and is located in Louisville, KY in the shopping center in the St. Matthews area. This adorable place offered so much in terms of both customer experience , and scenery. First off, the staff is so friendly, helpful, and patient. They’re so fun and it adds to the experience. Now the food, oh Lordy was so good! I don’t know who was in the kitchen when I went, but it was delicious! Compliments to the chef!

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