Driving from Cali to Kentucky (ft. Running girl leggings)

Hey Babes,

So, as some of you might’ve seen on Instagram, I’ve been a little MIA on my posting on social media because I’ve been driving across the country. My husband is deployed and during that time we thought it best to save money, and move back home with our family, and support system! It’ll be nice to be around them when it gets really hard to not have my husband here with me. I was so lucky to have some girlfriends come and drive home with me, I’m super thankful. I haven’t been on a road trip this long in a while so I’m going to share what I think on these running girl leggings since they really got put to the test.

Running girl leggings $19

The design of these leggings made me nervous at first because when you have a little extra curve things tend to stretch out more, so the breathable holes on the side were a detail I thought was super cute but didn’t know if they would work for me. However, they `worked out amazing for me . The description said to size up because of how the leggings compress but I normally wear a large, and that’s the size I ordered and they fit perfectly. Secondly, I love the rise on these leggings, I only wear high rise bottoms because I find those the most flattering on me, and these have a 5 inch high waist band (they also come in a 3.5 inch for my petite gals). Now, ladies don’t be scared if you’re tall like me they say “petite women’s leggings” however you can tell in my pictures that they are definitely long enough for a tall girl like me (5’8). Now the tummy control on these babies are so nice! After a good meal I’m still looking great in these babies. As for compression I don’t feel like they’re anything I haven’t felt before but they’re very movable. I’ve hiked, ran, and worked out in these leggings and they have stood up to the challenge. Overall, I adore these leggings and wear them all of the time!

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