one dress two ways ft. orange knit dress

Hey Babes!

I know you guys have been spoiled with all of the extra posts this week, trying to keep up with my Instagram. I have been having so much fun taking the extra time for content and really finally finding my brand within Styled by Stacey-Jay. I’ve kinda lost sight with trying to force my growth on IG rather than getting back to my roots in the sense of being fashion focused. Instead of trying to compete with other Instagrammers I’m now competing with myself to create and improve.

I preach self confidence but sometimes we don’t even realize when we’re putting ourselves down! I love this post because I love sharing the different ways I style an outfit. I always tell people I’m just wearing the same clothes over and over, just in different ways, and that is so true. I love sustainability and really care about the environment, and I love fashion as well. So, I love wearing the same piece of clothing different ways to shop less often for the environment.

Outfit details

Orange dress (fashion nova) $20 (i got mine for 14.99)

cheetah denim jacket (similar) nasty gal, $29

ASOS also has this cute cheetah jacket on sale but it has fur around the collar and that’s way too hot for summer.

graphic tee (similar) urban outfitters, $39

any graphic tee that’s oversized will do

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