local eats (oceanside,CA): Don’s Country Kitchen ft. Cropped Tee + Biker Shorts

don’s country kitchen

As the countdown begins for me to part ways with Oceanside, just for the summer, and return to Kentucky, I’ve been taking time to explore the beautiful area. While my friend Jordyn was in Cali visiting me and my vibes we spent a lot of time eating (if you couldn’t already tell from Instagram). On her last day we discovered this place, Don’s Country Kitchen and saw all of these positive reviews so we wanted to give it a try before we headed to the beach. I had the best French toast I have had in a while. Now, I’m pescatarian (no meat, just fish, fruits, veggies) so keep that in mind when I talk about these places. I liked that I had a few vegetarian options on the menu. The service was amazing, however I do have one complaint, THE WAIT. The wait was worth it in terms of food. We sat outside (thank god for those tents outside). The wait was still a hour and a half though!

outfit details below

Crop top:

cropped top similar $25

sustainable option : Everlane $18

I am very passionate about sustainability so I am going to start to try and add sustainable clothing options for those who want to see them as well.

Biker Shorts $10


Size: L

Head Scarf $9


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