new beginnings (in my closet) ft. orange sweater + lepoard pants

Lately I’ve been writing about a lot of changes going on in my life, but not much about the changes with my body and my closet. Right now, I am on an ongoing fitness journey (mind and body). Something I want to turn into a lifestyle and for the right reasons.

Background: What prompted this?

I feel like the past few years I have been trying to balance my mental and physically health, and when one is struggling I don’t look for balance, just stability. Back in college, I didn’t worry about my mental health as much as I should. I had more focus on my physical fitness. I’d walk everywhere, go to the gym (just doing cardio, no real balance in my routine and scattered eating habits). Then came after college, impatient to start my life and get on track and figuring out what I wanna do. While exploring my options on what particular career path I want to take in fashion I landed myself one of the most toxic jobs that proved to be stressful among several life situations as well. Juggling life, work and other things at this particular time, sent both mental and physical wellness out of control. I went through taking my anti-depressant medicine sporadically and switched between eating habits because of it. Not wanting to eat, to eating too much, then not wanting to again. Pile COVID on top of that, triggering anxiety and depression and I’ve gained so much weight causing me to dislike my body sending my health to a down spiral.

Since moving to California after getting married I am learning to take advantage of new beginnings. I’ve always liked starting over or meeting a new chapter in my life. I’ve been making goals for myself, now safely off my anti-depressants, and working out constantly. No matter how young or old you are, there will be times your confidence may dip or even spike. When it’s low take care of yourself by keeping the balance. Remind yourself to work hard, self affirmations, and keep a routine. It is important to talk about our mental and physical struggles. Especially as women, we always seem to think the grass is greener on the other side, trust me its not.

How does this relate to fashion?

Whelp, right now my biggest area of focus is fitness. I’m working out consistently again. Therefore my wardrobe is ever changing right now. I feel like this happens to people more than we think so being transparent about changing sizes is important. We put so much pressure on ourselves as women and comparing to social media, and its not easy. My closet needs a refresher anyways since I’ve moved to Cali because I got rid of so much stuff. Now I’m wanting to rebuild but I’m going through a change in my body at the same time. So I’m taking you guys along on this body and fashion journey. Summer is coming up and I want to wear a crop top and a bikini without feeling weird or silly.

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