Take care of you boo!

Hey lovelies!

The weekend is finally here and omg did it take long enough to come! OKURRRTTTT. Now it’s time to pay attention to you and just unwind from that long week you had. Lately for me I’ve been working out and getting into a routine and weekends are my rest days. So some of these products are a blessing when you’re sore and need to give your body a break as well.

This cleanser is something my husband and I both use (I got him hooked). And we both love it so much! Anytime I have a breakout this kills it even if its under the skin, coming in, doesn’t matter. This cleanser will take care of it.

Okay so with hair removal being a part of my regimen, I have stopped shaving. and refuse to get waxed so this is perfectly in the middle. I am wanting to get rid of dark spots so using this hair removal with the salt scrub really just eliminates any razor or hair bumps and you’re extra soft.

If you didn’t know already I looooove candles! Every time we go to Target my hubby always finds me in the candle isle with 6 in my arms lol. I love for everything to smell good and it just makes me happier.

Okay so these last two combos are for the bath. I love the clay because it’s for both the body and face so I normally I’ll wash off my face mask in the bath. The epsom salt is amazing because it just forces your body to relax. Sometimes our muscles can get so tight so we just need to loosen them to unwind.

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