Bling Empire Vibes

Hello lovelies,

As we have already guessed I am obvi a Netflix junkie and love to binge any fashion forward tv show! Now, recently I have been obsessed with the show Bling Empire…think Crazy Rich Asians but real life, and oh is it addicting! In the show the characters are all so fashionable and always dress to impress, especially in designer. I personally cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a single shirt but a girl can pretend right? This look definitely reminded me of Christine, you decide for yourself if you like her. Nonetheless, weather you’re a fan or not you cant deny the girl has some serious style. So i took a Versace wanna be shirt (this print has been super popular), and my high waisted wide leg pants from Pretty Little thing and strutted down the street. I know it’s hard to think about fashion during a pandemic but I for one wore this to literally go with my husband to get a haircut! I know, dont judge me. But this is the time where we should be trying to find a reason to dress up for any occasion. Honestly life is too short to wait for the occasion so i just became it!



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