Fitness: Potato Chip Rock Hike

Hello lovelies,

I think we can all attest that COVID has changed our daily routines and put a damper on some of our favorite hobbies. For me, it was several things in combination of COVID that took me and my husband from getting in the gym. Lately we have been back on track, although we both still have a long way to go before we are in tip top shape again. Mainly me as he’s a marine (but his uniform has been a little snug lately lol).

With hubby’s busy work schedule we mainly spend our time together on the weekends. I’m lucky enough to have him those days. During the week we squeeze in a couple’s gym session together and then on the weekends we do something fun. Our favorite shared hobby is hiking.

*side note: couples should have at lease one shared hobby in addition to several separate hobbies*

This past weekend we hiked to potato chip rock, a pretty popular hiking trail here in Cali. We didn’t get a picture because we were not about to stand in line after the hike kicked our butts but the view was worth it. It was so gorgeous and I’m proud we did it. It’s a 3 hour hike all up hill but we felt better about ourselves afterwards. It was nice encouraging and pushing each other to finish it.

Like I said, fitness is a never ending journey because we want it to be a lifestyle. I thought it would be nice to share a different piece this week more on lifestyle rather than fashion.


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