High necks & Dainty dresses: Shop Smarter

Hello lovelies!

As you probably already know a trend I’ve been dying to try is dainty dresses and high neck shirts. I think they pair so well! By “dainty dresses” I mean delicate materials like silk, satin, and any other light fabrics that come to mind. This is just a higher neck snake print shirt from SHEIN last year but a turtle neck would also work! I just wanted to add some print. This is a trend you can wear by going through things you already have. Many of us already have at least one turtle neck (mostly in natural colors), and I got this dress from forever 21 for less than 20 bucks! This look is something everyone can tailor to their own style and these pieces both can be used separately in other looks. Lately I’ve been more conscious about what I buy. I find myself donating a ton of clothes every season change because something doesn’t fit my style anymore or I don’t wear it as much. Although donating is a way to be sustainable and help those in need, I’m trying to get more usage out of my pieces and adapt trends to my closet and style. Not the other way around, just a little something to keep in mind!


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