Fall Trends You Should Know

Hello lovelies,

I wanted to come in and have a little wardrobe chat about trends this season. As fall transitions into winter our closets will shift as well to spruce up any look. When it comes to trends I try to focus on ones that really fit my personal aesthetic or work with my current wardrobe. Just because you think something is cute doesn’t mean it works for your style. Therefore you don’t have to follow every single trend. And the ones that you do follow, you should tailor to make you happy.

Cow Print

Cow print is the new cheetah print. Cheetah print is always gonna be a love of mine but cow print is something I NEVER thought I’d be obsessed with.

Tennis or pleated skirt

This is something I have been incorporating into my more chic and streetwear looks. Surprisingly it works! Especially for my personal look, since many of my looks combine feminine and edgy pieces.

Straight leg jeans

These are the new mom jeans. And to be honest I’m love the 80s & 90s vibes that have been resurfacing in fashion. My straight leg jeans by KanCan have definitely been a season favorite and I’m obsessed with them! I might need to buy another pair just because I wear mine so much!

Zebra print

Aside from the iconic Halloween costume from yours truly, Kendall Jenner, zebra print has also been surfacing. Not as popular as cow print but give it a second it’ll skyrocket by next fall.

Bucket hats

Bucket has keep going on and out of style every few years. I think I’ll hang onto mine for whole. They spruce up any look and just add a little edge.

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