OOTD: Dancing queen 👑

Hello lovelies!

Sorry it has been a few weeks but as you can see the blog has been undergoing some super fun changes! What do you think about the new look? I thought it was time to spice it up! Also, just a little PSA before we get into the thought process behind my outfit is I’ll be posting on Friday now instead of Wednesday. This gives me a little more time with my crazy changing schedule and life changes at the moment. One of the places I am going to miss the most about Kentucky is the square and how cute and convenient it is! It’s so aesthetically pleasing and public to everyone.

Okay now onto the outfit,

As you can see I chopped my box braids and again I am loving this length. I really need to share what products have been my holy grail for box braids and some maintenance tips I have had to learn along the way. As well as what I think about them overall! This look was definitely retro inspired and one of my favorite fashion eras was the 70s! These bell bottoms are from fashion Nova and really caught my eye when I came across them. I know while working for Buckle all you guys have seen were KanCans and those are still one of my fav brands but Fashion Nova are just next level jeans for me at a better price. Because I am taller, these jeans have a higher rise and longer length and I’ve noticed that with a lot of their jeans. My main fav thins is how they extenuate and flatter my curves! In addition to the bell bottoms I’m all about this striped top! You guys know I love colors and it was a little risky pairing them with color block flares but paid off well. Both pieces really added some playfulness and fun to the whole look while still looking mature and sexy.

Couldn’t find the top I had so I linked another willow and root top that I thought would also look cute with those flares
They’re on sale now! Grab them while you can!!

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