Graphic tee trend: The Best Is Yet To Come

Hello lovelies!

They say that psychologically every piece of clothing you own says something about you and who you are. That’s why fashion is so important to me. I don’t normally wear t shirts in their plainest state as you guys know but lately I’ve been into the trend. However I make sure every t shirt I buy is something I actually love and really says something about who I am. This shirt caught my eye because I love positivity and good vibes. Something that’s needed especially today! I’ve been through so much these past couple of years both good and bad but having that “the best is yet to come” mindset has kept me positive and sane! I think psychology is right. We wear things that describe us and I think it’s very important to not to conform to anyone’s standards. This shirt really spoke to me and I hope you continue to pick stuff that brings you joy too!

Levi high rise shorts
Levi high rise
No bad days graphic tee

I couldn’t find the exact shirt I’m wearing but I also love the no bad days one simply because of the carefree positive vibe it gives ! Graphic tees are a super hot trend right now!

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