Cali trip & shop smarter: Orange crop & Levi’s

Hello lovelies,

As summer comes to an end in a couple of months I’m not really buying many summer pieces. And if I am, I’m buying them in colors that are more transitional for fall. As a smart shopper I definitely say it’s important to think ahead. Planning your next shopping trip and what type of products you need (like jeans , sweaters, booties) will help you so much in spending your money the right way. Something I find handy in making your shopping trip the most productive is every pay day try and save around $50 for a few months in addition to the money you have from your check budgeted out to go shopping. This way you’re taking money you currently have it budgeted to spend already plus your savings gives you more spending power. There are a few things to keep in mind as you go on your next shopping trip to update your wardrobe for the next season.

Willow & Root cropped top- orange
Levi high rise 501 short

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